Why Worry About Leaks in Your Car’s Exhaust System?

Why worry about an exhaust leak? The gas will still pass through the system and out the back, won’t it? While that question may have some truth to it, there is a larger truth that you must take into consideration. Any leak in your exhaust system will affect the performance of your vehicle, and a leak in your exhaust system may be deadly to you and your passengers.

The gases produced in your combustion chamber are deadly when concentrated in a closed area. Your exhaust system is designed to work with a specific amount of internal pressure. When seals are breached, gases seek the path of least resistance. While most of the fumes will fight their way through the pressurized system, some will leak into your cabin, making the air in your cabin unbreathable.

To detect gas leaks early, visit our service center at Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek in Walnut Creek, CA.

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