Get the School Year Off to a Smooth Start with Carpooling

Kids are busy, running to and from school and activities. Parents are even busier, trying to juggle everything. Having a carpool set up can help lower the stress level and save vehicles from wear and tear.

When you have a carpool, it's important that parents stick with their schedules. That way, others are truly freed up to go to work early or stay late, for example. That being said, of course things happen. Make sure everyone has each other's contact information in case of an emergency. When the kids are riding in your car, make sure they use their seat belts properly. Younger kids should be riding in boosters so that seat belts are properly positioned on their bodies.

Also be sure to keep your vehicle in its best shape. Visit Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek in Walnut Creek, CA if you need a service appointment.

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