Making iOS Safe on the Road with Apple CarPlay

iOS is good, nobody’s arguing with that. However, like all mobile devices, it’s not safe to be messing with this stuff when you’re driving. But, we need our Spotify, our GPS and our maps. We need to be able to answer when your spouse or our boss gives us a call. Thankfully, Apple’s CarPlay looks to be the most convenient and safe feature in next generation car models.

Dash Display

The dash display is large and simple yet fully-featured. You can see who’s calling, where you are, what weather and traffic are like with a split-second glance, no need to take your eyes off the road honestly.

Hands-Free with Siri and Buttons

Make calls, control apps and get read-aloud internet content via Siri’s top-of-the-line voice recognition and text-to speech features. Control playback, volume and app switching with robust on-wheel controls so your hands needn’t leave the wheel.

All the Bells and Whistles

All your favorite apps – maps, GPS and entertainment – come on the trip with you, syncing up with your iPhone so your settings are right there with you.

To learn more about CarPlay vehicles in Walnut Creek, visit us for live demos and more information at Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek.

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