Tips for Preventing Rodent Damage Under Your Hood

You might not realize it, but rats and mice can cause serious damage to your vehicle in Walnut Creek, CA. If they’re able to get into your vehicle from any opening, they can eat through wires, hoses, and so much more. At Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek, we have a few preventative tips for you to follow.

The first solution is a bit severe but can ensure that the mice or other rodents don’t get into your car. If you store your car in a garage, use a combination of mouse poison and peanut butter throughout the garage. This will kill the rodents before they even get a chance to climb into the inner workings.

Another solution is to prevent them from getting to anything important. You can use rodent-deterrent tape to tape up the hoses and electrical harnesses. The super-spicy treatment will keep the rodents far away from your car’s components. You can also choose to install wire mesh at the openings of your intake system, ventilation, and more.

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