The Dangers of the Troxler Effect and the Benefits of Dimming Rear View Mirrors

When a bright light shines in your eye, you are not only blinded but are faced with an effect that could last up to a few minutes. This is where you are given a blind spot where the light was. This effect is called the Troxler Effect and actually has certain dangers of its own.

One of the dangers you are going to be faced with when it comes to the Troxler Effect is that your reaction time is going to be slowed down by 1.4 seconds which puts you in a lot of danger if you are traveling at 60 mph.

One good thing that can prevent this danger is the auto-dimming rear view mirrors which dim the lights when you have a vehicle that is driving up behind you and could blind you with the head lights. This effect helps the driver see better as he is driving.

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