It is important to our team at Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek in Walnut Creek, CA that we give our customers useful information that helps them understand their vehicles. A gasket seals two or more surfaces together to prevent gases and fluids from leaking, and there are hundreds of gaskets in your vehicle. Gaskets are typically made out of multi-level steel, but they can also be made of other materials that include copper and rubber.

The most common kind of gasket is a head gasket. Other types of gaskets include intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets. Gaskets are made to withstand extreme temperatures and are long-lasting, but they will eventually wear and will need to be replaced. Failing to replace deteriorating gaskets can lead to expensive repairs.

There are warning signs that can let you know your gaskets need to be replaced. If you notice a white substance on the dip stick when you are checking your oil, then a gasket may be failing. Gurgling, bubbling and foaming coming from under the radiator could indicate that there is a hole in a gasket.

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