In many cities throughout the country, cyclists are often seen driving along the streets. Some communities have special biking lanes. But, other cities do not. There are various tips to remember to ensure the safety of cyclists and vehicles when sharing the road. Our Walnut Creek, CA Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek has the latest vehicle models equipped with safety features to help prevent collisions with cyclists. Stop by and try a test drive.

When cyclists are on the road, drive the speed limit or slow down. Stay alert. Keep a lookout for bikers along with other vehicles and pedestrians. Before turning, double-check for cyclists or pedestrians who might cross the path. Come to complete stops at traffic lights and signs.

When passing a cyclist, make sure that there is a minimum of three feet between your vehicle and the bike. On narrow roadways, there may be insufficient space for vehicles and bikes to travel side-by-side. Yield to the cyclist.

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