Your confidence on the road benefits all of us in Walnut Creek, CA. Today, you can learn about oversteering and understeering from Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek, which will boost your confidence and on-road safety.

To understand oversteering, think of a car fishtailing. You'll usually see rear-wheel-drive vehicles fishtail while driving too fast around a curve. Alternatively, vehicles with front-wheel drivetrains are prone to understeer due to lost front-tire traction. An oversteering vehicle's rear crosses the center line first, but an understeering vehicle goes front-first into the opposing lane.

Obviously, these situations can be drastic, but you can navigate out of them. The problem in either circumstance is lost traction. To find traction again, you'll need to slow your vehicle without touching your brakes. Simply release your accelerator, and steer into your skid without jerking the steering wheel. If you have enough clear road, you will regain control of your car.

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