What Type of Tire is Best for You?

When you're selecting a new set of tires for your car in Walnut Creek, it's important to consider the key differences between summer tires and all-weather ones. The unique rubber compound of the tire and tread pattern can enhance your driving experience and keep you safe.

When you drive in all types of conditions, including snow and ice, all-weather tires could be the best choice for you.

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The Peace of Mind That a Back-Up Camera Can Bring

You've probably seen them before, even if you don't already own a vehicle that has one. But if you don't already use one on a daily basis, then you might not know about all of the benefits that a back-up camera gives to drivers and pedestrians.

Have you ever been backing out of the driveway and accidentally ran over one of your child's toys? Well, at least it was just a toy. 

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Simple DIY Headlight Restoration Techniques Using Household Items

The following simple DIY headlight restoration techniques offered by Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek can be done using household items and save you money on new parts.

Toothpaste has a small amount of abrasives that can help to remove the fog from a headlight lens. Place the toothpaste on the lends, then moisten a cloth and begin rubbing in the toothpaste in a circular motion. Once the lens appears to clear up, use a clean cloth to remove any remnants of the toothpaste.

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Making iOS Safe on the Road with Apple CarPlay

iOS is good, nobody’s arguing with that. However, like all mobile devices, it’s not safe to be messing with this stuff when you’re driving. But, we need our Spotify, our GPS and our maps. We need to be able to answer when your spouse or our boss gives us a call. Thankfully, Apple’s CarPlay looks to be the most convenient and safe feature in next generation car models.

Dash Display

The dash display is large and simple yet fully-featured. You can see who’s calling, where you are, what weather and traffic are like with a…

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Tips on How to Drive Safely in the Rain

The crew at Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek is offering you this guide for driving in the rain to keep you and your passengers safer on these roadways.

  • Turn on your windshield wipers, turn on the headlights too. This not only is the law in many states, it makes your vehicle easier for other drivers to see and their visibility decreases.
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Spring into a New Season with These Car Care Tips

When you're scheduling your next oil change, don't forget to ask about a complete spring maintenance appointment. In addition to regular oil changes, your car also needs maintenance appointments to ensure your car is running as smoothly as possible.

Refer to your owner's manual or check with your maintenance team to discover how frequently you need to have maintenance performed on your car. 

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Spare Tire Guide: Buying a Compact or Full-Size Tire

Flat tires are a headache, but when you replace the tire, you want to make sure that you get the right spare for the situation. While some dealerships include a spare "compact" tire, others will have a full-size tire that is a good replacement to match your other tires in case of a flat tire.

Compact spare tires are smaller and not made to handle the complete load of your vehicle. 

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When to Get a New Battery

The battery in your car provides the power for the starter to get your car going in the mornings. It provides power to the headlights and other important electronic components in your vehicle. If the battery is going bad, you may not be able to start your car.

There are some signs when your battery needs to be replaced. If you notice that your car's engine is cranking more slowly when you go to start it, that is often a sign that you need a new battery.

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Why Worry About Leaks in Your Car’s Exhaust System?

Why worry about an exhaust leak? The gas will still pass through the system and out the back, won’t it? While that question may have some truth to it, there is a larger truth that you must take into consideration. Any leak in your exhaust system will affect the performance of your vehicle, and a leak in your exhaust system may be deadly to you and your passengers.

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