Problems with your vehicle's headlights are easy to overlook. In fact, when a headlight goes out, it's more likely to be noticed by other motorists than the individual driving the affected car. Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek is committed to helping Walnut Creek, CA drivers stay safe with smart automotive maintenance strategies. That's why we're sharing two forms of maintenance that all headlights need.

Alignment Checks

Driving over a pothole or other uneven surface can disrupt the alignment of your vehicle's wheels. Surprisingly, however, rough terrain can also have an impact on the alignment of your headlights. Given that these beams are meant to project their light in the same direction, alignment issues can diminish the amount of focused illumination that you're getting. If you've been for a rocky ride or two in recent months, we' can check the alignment of your headlights for you.

Dust Your Headlights Off

Just as dirt, dead bugs, and other debris can collect on your windshield, they can accumulate on your headlights as well. If you never take the time to clear this debris away, it will eventually diminish the amount of light that's being emitted. Wiping them off with a soft, damp towel will ensure optimum performance.

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